Ship Security Assessment (SSA)

ship security assessment

The ship security assessment is an essential and integral part of the process of developing and updating the ship security plan. The company security officer of YMG Secsafe Ltd. will conduct the ship security assessment according predefined checklists which complies with the SOLAS provisions of chapter XI-2 and part A of the ISPS Code.

YMG Secsafe Ltd. conducts an on-scene security survey on board to examine and evaluate existing shipboard protective measures, procedures and operations. The SSA includes the following elements:

  • identification of existing security measures, procedures and operations;
  • identification and evaluation of key shipboard operations that are important to protect.
  • identification of possible threats to key shipboard operations and the likelihood of their occurrence, in order to establish and prioritise security measures; and
  • identification of weaknesses, including human factors, in infrastructure, policies and procedures.

We prepare a full report upon completion of the SSA and submit the Ship Security Assessment to the administration for formal approval.