Ship Security Plan (SSP)

ship security plan

A Ship Security Plan (SSP) is being custom tailored for each yacht. This SSP contains all mandatory security procedures as required by the ISPS Code as descripted in Part A taking into account the guidance given in Part B. It also contains checklists and contingency plans for emergencies.

The SSP includes the following elements:

  • make provisions for the three security levels;
  • measures designed to prevent dangerous weapons or substances from being taken on board;
  • identify restricted areas and measures to prevent unauthorised access;
  • implement measures to prevent unauthorised access to the ship;
  • implement procedures for responding to security threats and breaches of security;
  • set out duties of shipboard personnel assigned security responsibilities;
  • procedures for training, drills and exercises;
  • procedures for interfacing with the port facility;
  • procedures for periodic review of the plan and for updating;
  • procedures for reporting security incidents;
  • identification of the ship security officer (SSO) and the company security officer (CSO);
  • implement procedures for maintenance of security equipment; and
  • implement procedures for the use of a Ship Security Alert System.

YMG Secsafe Ltd. submits the Ship Security Plan to the administration for formal approval