Shore Side Security Support

shore side security support

YMG Secsafe Ltd. ensures that the company security officer (CSO), the Master and the ship security officer (SSO) are given the necessary support to fulfil their duties and responsibilities in accordance with SOLAS chapter XI-2 and part A of the ISPS Code. 

Security supporting services:

  • YMG SecSafe Ltd. is providing a certified Company Security Officer (CSO) as required by the ISPS Code
  • An auditor of YMG SecSafe Ltd. can execute internal audits on board of the yacht in intervals as required by the ISPS Code
  • YMG SecSafe Ltd. is operating a 24/7 emergency hotline. The ships crew can contact this hotline at any time for emergency assistance.
  • Conduct a yearly company drill to guarantee that both the shore side and the ships crew are trained in emergencies and security threats.
  • Yearly testing of the ship security alert system (SSAS)
  • Provide exclusive Internet accessible software to exchange mandatory forms, checklists and documents.
  • YMG Secsafe Ltd. can setup a competent authority as required by the ISPS Code and/or the Flag State Administration