Risk Assessment 

Risk Assessment

A key element of the ISM-code is that both the operating company and the ship's crew provide methods of identifications of risks and establishment of safeguards against the same.

The personal of YMG Secsafe Ltd. will conduct a (initial) risk assessment on board, together with the ship's crew, to establish the hazards that are present at the place of work and then identify the significant risk arising out of the work activity.

Risk assessments should be carried out for all standard operating procedures, mandatory risk assessments by the Flag State and for any kind of operation that may involve risks for the vessel, persons or the environment. 

The risk assessment on board and the logbook forms part of the Full Yacht Safety System, but can also be ordered as a separate module.

Overview services YMG Secsafe Ltd.:

  • Conduct (initial) Risk Assessment on board
  • Provide Risk Assessment forms
  • Provide Risk Assessment Logbook
  • Advice on permits to work, restricted access and use of warning signs or protective equipment
  • Amend and revise the Risk Assessment Logbook